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Our Story

     Founded in 2022, Zoomiez Entertainment consists of a team of writers, producers and musicians lead by two long-time friends/ drummers. One, a seasoned performer and the other a Multi-Platinum recording artist and producer that wanted to display their talents for the world.

     The name Zoomiez was inspired by our mascot RaPhel, an 11 year old Staffordshire Terrier mix that was excited anytime we went into the studio, thus, Zoomiez. ​

     We are a full-service Music Production company. We collaborate with artists and companies throughout the South, Mid-West and beyond, and have developed a strong reputation as a result of our memorable tracks and professional recordings.

     From custom-made Sample Packs, Beat Packs, commercial projects to film scores, we write, compose, and remaster original sounds. We also work with 3rd party publishers and distributors  in order to incorporate licensed material into our work. To top it all off, our state-of-the-art studio has the modern and traditional equipment - all the tools needed to create your unique sound.

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